Thursday, January 22, 2009

My granddaughter Quinnlin cut&pasted the picture below (with some help from her mother I suspect) that got me thinking about recent comments by a local property developer at A case of little ideas flowing from bigger ones.

Developer Harry Stinson Declares
Public Transit in “Steel Cans”
Too Retro to be Real

This city has legs
Uses them in a towering
rush to prosperity
Even if the world runs
on inflationary flux
the system breaking down
when everything works too well
I’ll live in my investment
Lunch on my premiums
to cover the condo fees
Travel in it too, keep things fluid

What’s safer than real estate
even if there’s little estate and
less reality What’s real
about steel
these days? What ever was?

I’m with Harry
Wake each morn in a new city
Even if, entire skylines hiking
Tacoma Wash. looks exactly like
Hamilton Ont. on a rainy day

Hell, I’m positively Stinsonian
even if it’s my dreams
he’s selling me
I’ve lots of them

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